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not_arsefaces was created on December 23rd, 2oo3 A.D., in the interest of having a general debate community for people who are ... well ... not arsefaces. Quite simple, really. The rules are few, the mods are reasonable, the members are lovable, and the sex is good.

And we meant that in a completely unsexual manner, truly.

First off, let's start with the rules.

Rule 1: Personal attacks will not be tolerated unless the debate's been going on a really freakin' long time and the figurative gloves have been taken off and thrown into the fire.
Rule 2: TyPiN' LyKe DiS wiLL NaWt b ToLeRaTeD. same with typing like this. OR THIS. Graduate high school and come back.
Rule 3: Care to start a debate topic? Well too fucking bad for you. One of the mods will make a bi-weekly post to start a debate on a random topic. If you have a suggestion for a topic, write them at his_stupid_girl@hotmail.com and la_la_la_linoleum@hotmail.com. Yes, both of them. F**king deal. If they decide it's a good topic, they will post it. If you decide to do so yourself your post will be deleted. Do it twice and you're banned, savvy?
Rule 4: Spam will be strangled (the password for the survey is "advent calender").
Rule 5: Respect. It's only got seven letters, so it shouldn't be that hard for everyone to understand. Respect the mods, respect people's sexuality, respect their backgrounds, race, religion, and opinion. Going "man you're such a f**king f****t, you're so f**king stupid, that makes no f**king sense" is NOT debate. Explaining why the opinion makes no sense, IN YOUR OPINION, is fine. As is profanity, but please attempt to not sound like a rapper. Please. For our sake.
Rule 6: If you don't know much about the topic, getting in a fight over it probably will be a stupid thing to do. Talk about what you know. I don't wanna hear about someone going like "Christianity is purely original and the church hides nothing". Even the Christians I know are aware that isn't true.
Rule 7: Just stressing this again, NO generalization. Has every Wiccan or Irish person you've ever met made your life a living hell? Well, that's very unfortunate, love, but that doesn't mean you can go "Wiccans are devil-worshippers and are all fucking evil". Uh-uh. That is a BIG no, savvy? And if I see the words f****t, d**e, n****r, c***k, or any other s**t like that, you are f**king GONE, savvy?

Now, on to the survey.

This is a fairly simple survey. First we'll need your stats, which is pretty obvious. If you'd prefer not to disclose certain things, just say so. Any reason you'd care to share would be nice. As for the one-word things, we'd like your opinion on them. As long as you elaborate, there is no wrong opinion, but expect members to start debate with you on them. Just saying "It's alright" or "I don't like it" will not suffice. Have fun!

Name (nick or given):
Age (specific or age group):

Organised Religion:
Gender Stereotypes:
Music Today:
Fashion Today:
Lord of the Rings VS. Harry Potter:
Books VS. Movies:
George W. Bush:
Politics in General:

What's the password?

Fill out the survey and post it. Your first post will be moderated, so it should be a short wait before it's approved and people begin to comment. You will be voted in, but even if you get mostly "no" votes, it's up to the mods to decide who makes the final cut. That also goes for "yes" votes, so beware. If you are not interested in a good debate, you should probably leave. Once you have been approved your posts will no longer be moderated, though to what point I really don't know. When you fill out your survey and post it, please make the post Friends Only so only other members of the community can see it. If you're denied entrance, suck it up and go find somewhere else. We can remove you at any time.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions?
Your mods are pookizegreat and finsaur_venusy. pookizegreat will go by Pooks, Pooki, Pookize, or Electric Zucchini. finsaur_venusy will go by Tove, or King Jingaling. They are on AIM as jacks0rz and Fear the Saur respectively, and if you read the rules you should have found their e-mails.

-The Mods