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Name (nic or given): Lucy but you may call me your saviour…Or etherbitch…. etherbitch
Age (specific or age group): 526, I am, quite obviously of the vampire variety
Gender: Female, or so they tell me

Organised Religion: Well this is incredibly tough, I myself am not a religious person as such (but I do lean more towards Wiccan and Buddhism), but I have become highly disgusted over my many growing years as to how much violence these Organised Religions cause (Christianity being the worst in my eyes). And the thing that gets me most is that it's not even between two completely different religions, generally it falls between two that are almost identical or even among the poor fools in the exact same religion, this it seems to me, is a most crazy occurrence. I guess that there be some merit to it, it does happen to bring groups of people together, but unfortunately in my book, not e-freaking-nough. I think that most organised religion is a very smart way to control much of the population, too keep us all in line. Anyhow I believe the bible is highly sexist and does anyone else find that Jesus is fairly violent? But of course it was written solely by men so what would one expect? It is unfortunate that religions cause much worry and warring between people, and that is capitalises on itself because it could really help society and such, but that's never been the way with humans has it?
Ageism: I don't necessarily think that their should be prejudice or discrimination relating to ones age, because you can get very grown up 7 year olds and incredibly immature 30 year olds. I understand it but I don't know if I agree with it, Why do we have to act our age?
Gender Stereotypes: I think that gender stereotypes are all around us, and have been for centuries, I don't really think they can be avoided, it shall continue forever. But I have to say that I don't know any female or male stereotypes, No one person is one thing, and I think that stereotypes are completely misleading, and I agree not at all with them. I think they cause a lot of problems for people who are trying to get gender equality and the such.
Music Today: I have to say I'm on the fence (for most of it, but I do really REALLY like some of it), it's all either kind of dark and moody or sickeningly happy. My fave bands are Placebo, Marilyn Manson and Rasputina, so I'm an alternative kind of person. I won't say I hate any styles but I can't find myself interested in rap, R&B or heavy metal, and a lot of the pop stuff doesn't really take my fancy.
Fashion Today: Well I'm one of those people who does not follow fashion, I'm a little scungy with thy money, so the cheaper the better, I like dark, Gothic, medieval stuff, so a lot of the preppy, denimy fashion just does not take my fancy.
Fetishism: ALL TO THEIR OWN!!!!!!!! I have my own fetishes, I think most people do, it's one of those inescapable things, even if people don't admit to it, or don't talk about it, it's going through their mind I'm sure.
Lord of the Rings VS. Harry Potter: I like them both, I like the Harry Potter Books better (I've never been interested in the LOTR books, I don't find them interesting) and I like the LOTR movies better (but I don't mind HP movies either). I think they've both been taken hugely out of perspective and are now just greatly used as tools for making money. Neither of them are my favourite books or movies, maybe not even in my top ten, but I find them interesting enough.
Books VS. Movies: O_o hard one, okkkkk I am a total movie freak and have great obsessions with them. Overall I'd probably have to say books because you can get really lost in them and each character is complete, you see them from all angles, whereas in movies they're generally a bit two-dimensional.
Marriage: Erm, doesn't bother me, I don't think it's at all necessary, why do you need a small bit of paper to prove that you love someone. I think that sometimes it seems to stuff up the relationship, it's like now that they have a piece of paper that says they want to spend the rest of their lives together they freak out, strange. But if people do want to spend a lot of money to have that special day then I believe that's fine.
Divorce: Well my parents are divorced and there are positives and negatives to it. I won't say yay or nay, because why spend your life together if you're going to be unhappy? But people should think things through carefully, cause it's a huge and usually horrible step to make, hence maybe people should not get married in the first place. I do find it very sad how high the divorce rate is though
George W. Bush: Let's just say if he died I would be a very happy person, He is a destructive person and seems to very much like warfare, maybe he's the best for the job, but I find this terribly hard to believe.
Politics in General: CORRUPT, they are all lying bastards in my eyes, and really if you're going into politics then you have to be I guess. Politics doesn't interest me really but I do like getting into debates over it…

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