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Survey con Sara - I love you.

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Previous Entry Survey con Sara Jan. 4th, 2004 @ 03:19 am Next Entry
Ermm I'm not sure if people who are invited are supposed to fill out the survey or what so I'm going to do it anyway because I can and it's there.


Name (nick or given): Sara, pridian, Manifestine, Merry

Age (specific or age group): 17 (1/2 but who cares)

Gender: female


Organised Religion: Not my cup of tea (though I'm becoming more interested in Taoism). If it works for the people who need someone to tell them how they have to live their life to be a decent person then let them. If it's not hurting me personally, then I don't mind. However, I do not like the idea of fighting wars over religions. Anyone notice the basic similarities of all religions? So what are they fighting over? The same ideals. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Ageism: It goes both ways. Kids (some) make fun of old people, old people (some) rue the day that youth left them and take it out on kids. It can be funny, though again, it's pointless. It's a major factor in work. I've gotten the brunt of it at every job I've had or applied for. I certainly hate it. Just because I'm six months younger than 17 means that I somehow can't figure out how to put movies back? (This really happened to me. Hollywood Video.) Also when I worked at Fred Meyers, I was degraded by a guy (in his 40's) who did my exact same job. I know how to push carts, thanks.

Gender Stereotypes: Man is this a broad topic or what. I don't even know what I want to hit most. Well as the years progress, this is changing. Women are allowed to be more sexual in public (Thank you Madonna in helping this) Stereotypes are hurtful no matter what. Period. It hurts job opportunities, safety (sexually, verbally, physically), and relationships (some are based upon just this which is a bit absurd). What else do you want me to say? I abhor it.

Music Today: Hmmm well since I have basically banned myself from radio and 'popular music' of today, I have a positive aspect on it. There is so much variety. Yeah, sure there are some people/bands that I can't even comprehend as to why people like them, but there's so many more people/bands that aren't artificial. Every decade has hundreds of songs that are absolutely superb. Though, I don't like the trend (at least the way I'm seeing it) that kids from like the age of 7 and 15 are more inclined to listen to rap (I've got so much money so I'm going to rap about it!) It makes me want to throw everyone a Maroon5 or Damien Rice cd. expand your stupid horizon! There's so much more.

Fashion Today: For once in this survey, I have nothing much to say on this as I don't follow it at all. But I think there will be a new generation of people who are going to say "more is sexy" rather than "pieces of chopped clothing is hott" I don't know. I'm more into feeling comfortable like pajama pants and sweaters. Thank you, I'll take those any day. Oh, but nothing can be worse than 80's style clothes. hahahaha (I love the 80's strike back!)

Fetishism: If it doesn't hurt anyone and no one is pressured into it or feels uncomfortable then I say, it's none of my business.

Lord of the Rings Versus Harry Potter: As for the movies, Lord of the Rings shuts out Harry Potter (sorry Tom Felton/Draco! You just never seem to win anything do you?) any day. Now for the books, I'm ashamed to say that I have not read any of the Lord of the Ring books. Though I did read the Hobbit, albeit an extremely compacted version, on record when I was a child. I must say, it was my favorite story. So if the rest of the books are like that, I'll be bought. But I'm obsessed with Harry Potter. It's been my life since Thanksgiving 2002. It literally saved me (for further information, see my published works) But, never will they be in competition with me. So I think this should be Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings (alphabetically, yeah?)

Books Versus Movies: Few movies surpass books because they simply cannot fit all the scenes and detail into a few hours. Though Girl, Interrupted...The movie is actually tons better as it tells a story and is more emotional. The book doesn't go much into detail about experiences, it seems like Susanna Kaysen had a very bleak time there (though she really may have). It just really gives a general view of life in a mental institution. It says nothing about her running away or how Daisy really killed herself. I'd still read it, but for entertainment, the movie is better.

Marriage: I wonder if there are more people who get married for the wrong reasons. It sure seems like it. I'd say move in with each other first to see how each other lives but statistically, more people who do this and get married end up divorced. Why do people change when they get married? I only see it as being permanently bound to someone.

Divorce: People need to stop divorcing each other over stupid issues. I wonder how much money and time is wasted on this? Getting married should cost more, that way less people would be opted to marrying ten times (my grandma for one...her latest marriage was 2001) I think the only reason a person should divorce is because of abuse of any kind. Nothing else. Then again, I wouldn't care if my boyfriend/husband went off and had sex with other women/guys (hahahah) if he stays with me then obviously I mean more to him than those other people. But if they had any STD's I wouldn't even let him have sex with me. Ever.

George W. Bush: I'm seriously glad I'll be able to vote next year. I want him out of office. Do not touch my state! Just so you know, Bush told oregon (less than two weeks ago) to increase deforesting by fifty percent and all of it clear-cut. There's too much being cut now and clear-cutting just causes land slides. He does not care about the environment! I can't stand this man. I'm pro-choice. Give me my rights! We need a president who is not influenced by religion and doesn't look like such an idiot when speaking. Note to Bush: never do an off-the-cuff speech ever again. You just can't pull it off.

Politics in General: Such an amazing thing, really. I've become more interested in politics as the year has progressed. You say you hate government? Well go and fucking change it then. This is your country too. You say you can't change the government? Well look at the prohibition era. A small percent of the United States' population controlled a part of millions of lives. Voice your God damn opinion, you may very well find more people behind you than you may think. Dare I say, legalize marijuana anyone? Another reason why I love Oregon, we have several laws that are founds almost nowhere else. Physician-assisted suicide is one of them. It's also illegal for us to pump our own gas here (hey, it's more jobs for teens) and we have no sales tax. Imagine that. On a bit of a random note, we can have ferrets as pets ^-^


What's the password? If the password was supposed to be in the info, it's not there. But I'm guessing it'd have to be 'respect' or 'fear the almighty mods' hahaha :D

I wonder if maybe I babbled too much hahaha...It kept me busy though.
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Date:January 4th, 2004 10:16 am (UTC)
Pshaw pa! Merry, eh? *humps your leg* *ahem* Sorry 'bout that. MOVING ON!

The Lord of the Rings books are pretty much the best ones I've ever read. They're a little hard to get into at the VERY beginning, but pretty soon you're picking it up and reading it every chance you get.

On Marriage: "I only see it as being permanently bound to someone."
But isn't that perhaps what frightens them out of it in the end and makes the relationship change? I mean sure, when you're living together, it's like, well, just roommates with benefits, so to say, but when you get married, you are legally bound to that person, using the vows "Till death do us part", and I mean for someone in say their early 20's or even early 30's, with a good perhaps 50-60 years left to live ... that's a long time to be waking up to the same face.

On Divorce: "People need to stop divorcing each other over stupid issues."
But isn't being cheated on abuse to some people? I mean, sure, you might be able to stand it, but I think for a lot of people the essential thing is trust, and suddenly finding out that you haven't been the only well your spouse's been drinkin' from for the past however long, and knowing that while you two were together and (this is just one of many scenarios, assuming a happy relationship was otherwise taking place) you were saying "I love you" etc etc, they must have had at least a few fleeting thoughts about the other person, and didn't say anything about it! To think that all of the dearest moments of the past while were counterfeit has a mind-shattering effect, and therefore should it not be considered psychological abuse?

As for it needing to cost more to get married, what about those in poverty? Hell, it's already frightfully expensive to be wed, some people just can't afford to do it, even if they've been living and loving together for decades. Perhaps if you had to do a relationship assessment before marriage ... *giggles insanely* And then they can assign you a price based on that and your social income! Muha! *falls over*

ARE YOU SERIOUS about that George Bush thing? With the clear-cutting? JESUS. Man, I hope he dies of asphixiation just for that. *smirk*

"Another reason why I love Oregon, we have several laws that are founds almost nowhere else. Physician-assisted suicide is one of them."

Could you clarify whether or not you mean it's legal or illegal in your state? Because that's really very interesting if it is legal ... that's partial progress, I think, although perhaps it would be better if a certain number of people needed to know of and agree on it, assuming we're speaking of impaired people with low quality of life and not just depressed people who want to end their lives. Because if they have the conscious will and the ability to, they should just bloody do it themselves if they want to die so badly. But there have been a lot of interesting cases, at least here in Canada, to do with assisted suicide. There was this one girl, I don't quite remember what she had, but the all-in-all of it was she was suffering quite horrible pain and had become mentally retarded and I think had something resembling cerebral palsy as well, she was about 7 I think, and her father killed her out of mercy. He still ended up in jail for it, which I think is dumb. But then there's also the other side of it, that if mercy killings/assisted suicide etc etc were legalised, a lot more murders with malicious intent could get written off as such, and the crime rate would most certainly rise. Bah. People suck.

And the password's advent calender, it's in the rules kidsies. But everyone who's joined so far is my friend so I'm letting you all off easy. ^~*
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Date:January 4th, 2004 03:05 pm (UTC)
Marriage: I personally don't see it as a problem whatsoever. If you're even thinking of marriage, most people today now have the choice to marry for love and not because of social climbing (or lack thereof) nor for the family, then you must already think "hey, I could very well be spending the rest of my life married to this person." So what, people only realize after the fact? That doesn't surprise me at all. But I just don't see a reasoning behind it, my mind just doesn't see it as a threat. haha, then again I enjoy routine so that could be a clue.

Divorce: My sister went and got married November 2 and in Oregon, it's $150 to get married minus whatever extra expenses you want to have. But if a couple is desperately wanting to get married, then I sincerely doubt they'd mind foregoing a big ceremony. Hahaha at your allusion to drinking from a well, it cracked me up.

Before I comment on the "psychological abuse" I'm just wondering if abuse can be used in situations without the person who does the abusing doesn't even realize it? I'm going to have to give that some thought.

Oh well Oregon is the only state to have legalized physician-assisted suicide. There's several requirements the patient has to fill...only within very narrowly prescribed circumstances, i.e., for a terminally ill patient. Some site.

Having already discussed the password thing in a previous comment, I have nothing more to say for this one ^-^
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